Fried Eggs (Quarantine Edition)

Nothing like having two eggs, toast and cheese for breakfast – the wholesome diet. For the more cholesterol conscious (myself included), you can get rid of 1 or more egg yellow.

Over the years I have gone through multiple pans to make that perfectly round friend eggs but not until I got my hands on the 5″ Lodge Skillet – its perfect. And get the lid.

1 tablespoon Salted Butter
2 Egg Whites
1/2 Egg Yellow
1 tablespoon Ground Pepper
1 Slice of Cheese*
1 Brioche or Potato Bun

*I use Amul Cheese Slices; easily available in any Indian Store. The cheese is based on Buffalo Milk, it has a lot more richer & sweeter in taste compared to other cheese available on the market.

Heat butter in the skillet; ensure you keep this on medium flame.
Add the Eggs and cover the skillet and cooke for about 3 minutes.
While cooking, you can add the Ground Pepper and close the skillet again.
You can keep this sunny side up or flip the eggs to fully cook. I prefer sunny side up.
Use your (silicon) spatula to check if the egg is cooked underneath.
Add the slice of cheese and close the lid and cook for 1 more minute.

On the side toast or warm your bun.

Place the egg on 1 half of your bun.
Top it off with some Chilli Onion Crunch (Trader Joe’s) for some more spice.

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